Service Commun d'Enseignement des Langues

Service Commun d'Enseignement des Langues

 The common service, organised as a service of the University, contributes along side the University in distributing knowledge, to opening it internationally and adapting its courses to the needs of the contemporary world through teaching the various langages used today and the culture to whom they belong.

These courses aim at teaching the scientific, technical and professional language of the modern world.

Towards this goal, the service works in collaboration with the various components of the University and their teams.

The service participates in the different courses of the various University components, for both mandatory lessons and non-mandatory lessons decided upon by the University 's Administrative Counsel.

We participate in the continued training of the University's personnel.

We contribute towards creating a more favorable learning environment with our various partners with an aim to continuously evolve and adapt our teaching to the modern scientific world.

The service participates in the development of international relations of the University by preparing its students and personnel toward international mobility and offering complementary langage essentials.

Public aimed and languages taught

 The SCEL offers courses to both the students and researchers of University Lyon 1. 

The languages taught are :

- English , for all students
- French (FLE) for foreign and medical students
- Spanish and German are taught at Polytech-Lyon 1 as well as in the medical components of the University.