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Mission statement


The SCEL, via the foreign languages and civilisations, teaches and shares in the UCBL's mission to pursue knowledge, international awareness and openness and provides education and services which are adapted to the needs of today's world. The curriculum takes into account the scientific, technical and professional environments which are a part of the university.

The SCEL works in collaboration with the university's different departments and pedagogic teams in accredited and non-accredited degree course programs. These programs are validated by the university's board of governors. The SCEL organizes continuous education courses offered to the university personnel.

It also contributes to develop didactic, pedagogic and linguistic research in collaboration with its different partners in order to promote courses that are adapted to the constant evolution in the didactic and scientific world.

Lastly, it participates in the development of the university's international exchanges and programs by offering its students and teachers complementary courses to facilitate and enhance their stay abroad.

Public and languages taught

The SCEL offers courses to University Lyon 1's students, researchers and administrative personnel.

The languages taught are:

  • English
  • French for foreigners