Médecine Lyon-Est

Responsable : Adélaïde Pic (adelaide.pic@univ-lyon1.fr)

Site : Rockefeller (https://www.univ-lyon1.fr/campus/plan-des-campus/domaine-rockefeller-740141.kjsp#.W0S-h7gyW70)

The English courses available at the Medical Faculty of Lyon-Est require students to follow 20 hours of oral lessons in both 2nd and 3rd school years, both centered around health and medical terminology. These lessons are completed by an online platform, "English at UCBL", which is part of the subjects evaluation.

To validate the English subject, students must pass both the oral workshop and the online activities that are a part of "English@UCBL" 's medical section.


The faculty also allows the choice between 3 different subject units (UELCs)(https://lyon-est.univ-lyon1.fr/formation/unites-d-enseignements-libres/unites-d-enseignements-libres-622295.kjsp), 60 hours each, which students can register to from 2nd to 6th year of study.

Are also available for both semesters, on a volontary registration at ACLE/IPEE* (as part of the SCEL*): (https://etu.univ-lyon1.fr/activites/associations-etudiantes/acle-association-des-carabins-de-lyon-est-740303.kjsp AND https://scel.univ-lyon1.fr/ ):


  • English Tutoring is also available all along the year. It is organised into small conversation groups lead by an anglophone tutor. Contact : tutoratlanguelyonest@gmail.com


  • A workshop « Yoga in English », is open to all levels. Contact : ipe@acle.net.


It is also possible to practice your English by participating in international projects. Contact : Bureau pour la Mobilité Internationale (https://lyon-est.univ-lyon1.fr/international/mobilite-sortante/mobilite-sortante-602427.kjsp AND Associations étudiantes telles que ACTES* : https://etu.univ-lyon1.fr/activites/associations-etudiantes/actes-association-de-cooperation-avec-les-territoires-africains-pour-l-education-et-la-sante-740296.kjsp) :


  • ERASMUS travels for 1 to 2 semesters

  • Foreign internships

  • Humanitarian missions


Specific English classes are available to students whom whish to study abroad. Contact : Bureau des Relations Internationales.


*SCEL : Service Commun d’Enseignement des Langues 

*ACLE : Association des Carabins de Lyon-Est

*Pôle IPEE : Initiatives Pédagogiques Etudiantes et Enseignantes

*ACTES : Association de Coopération avec les Territoires Africains pour l’Education et la Santé