Licence STS

Teacher in charge : Nathalie CROUAU

English classes for B.Sc students are part of the course unit entitled ‘Transversales’ (TR) and are given over 4 semesters:


  • Year 1, semester 2 (18h – 12 x1.5h classes = 2 ECTS) > everyday English, oral expression

  • Year 2, semester 1 (18h – 12 x1.5h classes = 2 ECTS) > from reading comprehension to spoken expression

  • Year 2, semester 2 (30h – 10 x3h classes = 2 ECTS) > from oral comprehension to written expression

  • Year 3, semester 1 (30h – 10 x3h classes = 3 ECTS) > getting acquainted with certification tests - all skills included


All students may come from various branches (Maths & Computer Science, Biology, Physics-Chemistry-Engineering).

English is evaluated as Total Continuous Assessment (CCI in French). All the evaluations take place DURING the class. Attendance is COMPULSORY.

Absences have to be justified within 7 days by producing a valid doctor’s note or administrative summons to the Scolarité.

Detailed rules regarding absences and penalties can be found at:

The organisation of the TR courses is currently being discussed, for a possible overhaul by Spring 2019.