Language Tutoring and Coaching

Tutoring :

Sessions of conversation in English, Spanish, Italian and German, debates and training are available to STS students of La Doua, in English and Spanish for the students of Lyon-Est Rockerfeller, and tutoring in English for students at Lyon-Sud

Open everyday at La Doua, free of access, without reservations, at l’Espace-Langues, Building Quai 43, room 218, 2nd floor.

At Lyon-Est Rockefeller : everyday on reservationfrom 12h to 13h and 17h to19h. 

Facebook Contact : tutorat langues Rockefeller 

At Lyon-Sud : everyday on reservationthe evening from 17h to 19h.

Contact :

Our team of tutors are trained to adapt to every level and try to best answer your needs to facilitate the learning and betterment of your language skills.

Coaching :


Students can also ask to be followed by a teacher or tutor : this coaching is available all along the year, by reservation.

Coaching is individual and allows us to answer your needs, be you a beginner or someone with an international mobility project.

The teacher or tutor- coach will follow and advise you on the methods and resources best suited for you, be at l'Espace Langues or at home.