Responsable : Cécile Bérenguier-Dussapt

Site : Rockefeller


Ms Cécile Bérenguier-Dussapt is in charge of English for Pharmacy. This affects 2nd to 5th year students :
·       2nd year : 20 hour module in S2

·       3rd year : 20 hour module in S1

·       4th year : 10h semi-intensive weak in Septembre
                             > Basics of Scientific, Medical and Pharmaceutical English
                             > Work on the 4 skills
·       5th year : 12 hour module in Spetembre and another 18 hours in April
                                         > Business English 
                                         > Preparation for an industrial project

 The English course in Pharmacy also concerns students in Masters 1 and 2 at IPIL with 30 hours in S1 either as a regular course or as an intensive week.
              >Business English