English at UCBL

The educational platform Claroline Connect is used by some language teachers to have their courses available online.

This platform has amongst its modules the website "English@UCBL". The site was designed by the SCEL teacher Joline Boulon to allow students of the university to train their English skills. It contains hundreds of "worksheets", be it for grammar, oral comprehension, specialised English, training for the TOEIC, English for beginners, etc. A page is dedicated to the training for the TOEIC, and a website is also dedicated for those whishing to atain B2 level in English.

If you have problems accessing the site, contact joline.boulon@univ-lyon1.frwhile specifying the problem in the title of the mail.

The books referenced on the site are available for consultation at Espace Langues : multi-media self-teaching space specialised in languages, room 218 2nd floor of the Quai 43, campus Lyon-Tech.