Exemption of Attendance

Department and Location : Licence FST, Doua


Educative responsable in language : English, maud.perez@univ-lyon1.fr (tr3 et tr4) and mireille.blanc@univ-lyon1.fr (tr2 et tr5)


Organisation of courses (volume, year, TD, internship, at distance, ...) ; remote work and exams at the end of the semester


Pedagogique objectives : obectives are the same for lessons during TDs


Evaluation method, MCC : https://sciences.univ-lyon1.fr/etudiants/licence-sts/licence-sts-dispense-d-assiduite-reglement-et-formulaire-600558.kjsp


Complementary information : it is up to the student to ask to be dispensed from attendance by contacting his/her English teachers.